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Default Re: Jim Black on Ari Hoenig

Originally Posted by Griener View Post

If Jim Black "sounds like every avant player in Brooklyn" it's probably because he's playing like that for 25 and more years and I can tell you back then "avant players in Brooklyn" sounded a lot different.
So it might be they sound a lot like him now.\
nope....they sounded like that when he got here fresh outta Berklee sounding like a fusion bomb exploded

I have nothing against Jim
he is a nice guy and a good player .....I dig his playing very much ....he does a lot of really nice sounding unique things and always makes the music sound and feel great

I'm just never a fan of down talking your peers.... especially those who play in the same circles as you

I would be able to pick Aris playing out before Jims every time

and if he did not play those cymbals that sound like garbage can lids I may never be able to pick him out

I love the sound of those cymbals by the way .....but it is the only thing that makes me wonder if it is him when I hear it.....not his playing

but hey any press is good press as they say

I don't care what they say about me just spell my name right........right?

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