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Default My take on the Tama Speedcobra.....

So, I've been using an old pdp double for a while ( not sure of the model?). It's not mine and I needed to get it back to its owner so lucky me, I get to buy a new pedal! I've been reading many posts about brands but ultimately figured I'd go and get my feet on as many as I could. I've always played chains but was interested in what direct drive would be like. I figured I'd just go to the store and blind test myself, take the one I liked home and to get it on my kit. I figured, I can always take it back to exchange for a new one. So, I had the guy at GC lead me around the store like Stevie Wonder! He was very accommodating! I went home with the Speedcobra. Without over thinking, it felt the best to my foot in the store against those beater boards they have set up. I realize that though I liked the feel of it, I wanted to make sure it retained some feel under foot so I pretty much maxed out the tension of the springs. I left the cobra coil at its stock medium setting. Got the beaters about 5-6 inches from the batter head. My first impression is that it was so smooth that I was screwing up simple triplets. But after some adjusting it started feeling good. It's amazing how the longboards affect the play. Up top allows so much ability for speed. More so than I'm able to apply, unfortunately. If you move back down, the power is incredible. I mean, my kick is well dug into my carpet but my drum started creeping. I had to spike it down further! I'm not used to thinking about where my foot is on the board so it's going to take some adjusting. If I ultimately enjoy this type of play, it'll be a keeper. Also, some have mentioned how it looks cheap? It is built well. Very well. I do think there should be some Velcro on the slave pedal but whatever. I bought some. I also thought the beaters may have to go because to me they looked wimpy. That thought was altered as I almost kicked my bass drum off my riser! Most of all this experience is showing me first hand that no pedal will make you play better, but the right pedal will expose both your strengths and weaknesses. If anyone else has experience with the Speedcobra and wants to share it with me, I'd love to hear it!
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