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Default Re: Jim Black on Ari Hoenig

Wow, these discussions go out of control fast.

If Jim Black "sounds like every avant player in Brooklyn" it's probably because he's playing like that for 25 and more years and I can tell you back then "avant players in Brooklyn" sounded a lot different.
So it might be they sound a lot like him now.
And he easily is "one of the best jazz drummer in the world today" if you have to think in those terms.
I'm following the careers of both players since I first saw them (Black back in '90, Hoenig in '99) and as Jim says: it's all about taste.

I completely understand Jim's points and I don't think that he did put down Ari's playing.
But I listened to Rhythm-a-Ning on Ari's website and I must honestly say that I don't like that version either.
Younger players these days (although Ari's not that young) seem to favor a kind of complexity which just doesn't get me emotionally.
Their thing is more about control really and I don't necessarily think control is the most important issue in music, at least for my taste.
But maybe I'm just getting old (I'm 45 now) and over-the-top playing is mostly a young man's game.

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