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Default Re: Jim Black on Ari Hoenig

Originally Posted by gretsch-o-rama View Post
Im sorry but this quote coming from Jim Black (whom I have heard) to negatively critique Hoenig is almost laughable...Hoenig has to be one of the best Jazz drummers in the world today...Jim Black is most certainly not. So, I think care needs to be taken when looking up at people because it's easy to come off as coming from a jealous/insecure place. It reminds me of "those who can play it will, those who can't, teach" even though that's not entirely applicable here...
Honestly, that's the first impression that I had as well. I'm not a jazz player so I cannot comment on the validity of his comments but I feel that Jim took a specific example of a cover that Ari did and over-generalized it to somehow represent the 20-30 something year old jazz musician.

Todd, nice quote.
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