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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

I had someone at Evans send me a free set of the new 360 heads to try as I had expressed distaste at the durability of their old coating compared to Aquarians (unbeatable) coating quality - but still better than the embarrasing Remo excuse!

I've had the heads on my garage 'practice' kit for a few weeks now and I must hand it to them...the coating is a lot better than before. Compared to before, the wear is minimal, and the sound seems to have warmed up considerably (G2 by the way) on the toms. Initial tuning seems to hold a little better too. I used to have to do some serious stretching and resting to get them to settle before, but it took just a little tweaking each time I sat down for the first few times to get them sat for good. I like the sound so they'll stay on until they wear out for sure.

I wouldn't say it's converted me away from Aquarian but I would certainly not worry now if I had to choose something else out of necessity/availability. I have no option but to buy mail-order for Aquarian in my area so I have to be prepared but most stores here are carrying the 360s now so it's definitely my #2 choice for sure.
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