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Default Re: Hi hat tambourine

Originally Posted by Stoney View Post
Hi all.

I've after a hi- hat tambourine (or ching ring). The trouble is I have very little rod space (my clutch practically sits at the top) so something you can fit between the clutch or just rest on top of the hats would be ideal. Like this: I notice cannon make a version: or perhaps even this will do:

I've been searching the net for about an hour now and can't seem to find anything similar to buy in the UK. They only seem to be sold in the US. Obviously I could get one shipped over but that would probably cost more than the tambourine! Also I need it for next week.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help.


PS I don't need to hit it with a stick, just for use with the foot pedal.
It is not hard to get or make another hihat rod and cut it to length. It's just just quarter-inch steel rod than can be purchased at a hardware store and easily cut and threaded. I'd suggest getting a new length of rod that's about an inch longer than what you need. I, too, have a very short hihat pull rod but I leave about an inch over for my jingle rings.
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