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Default Re: Vic Firth Signature Sticks - Weird break

Originally Posted by JosephDAqui View Post
I have an "open" email to their customer service department on the Evolution model - Dave Weckl sticks, I cc'd Weckl on the email as well (just for fun).

I was breaking them in half as well (same way) - on my last show with my band Lion-hearted a few months ago, I broke 3 sticks in 50 minutes. I play a bit hard, rimshots and etc. but I havent broken a cymbal or head in years, so that tells ya something.

It turns out that the S-Hoop is not friendly with Dave's Evolution stick on the snare when doing rimshots, That was my theory, so I switched out to a Gibraltar 2.3mm triple flange. The snare (50's round badge with die-cast snare side hoop) sounds better than ever to me, and my sticks have lasted for months (rotating 3 pairs for the last 3 months). However, I could swear that my older Evolution sticks lasted a lot longer than the newer ones. I'm beginning to wonder about present day quality controls.

These are my favorite sticks by far, for many reasons, would hate to part with them.

If you don't receive any answers, let me know and I'll forward you the email of the lady I dealt with.
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