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Default Portable Drum Set < Please Help >

Hello Drummers around the world ..

My drumming addiction started 2 years ago , I used to have drum sticks and keep drumming on every solid flat I see , I didn't practice the drums , I just used to have fun with the sticks !
However 5 months ago , I started the pad training routine , Every day I practiced 2-3 hours
it felt good and I feel like it's time to reach a new level , I got sick of the sound of the Yamaha pad and the sound of my pillow as a tom tom and my couch as a snare and my bag as a hit hat !!

I want a portable drum set because I travel a lot , and my budget is 400$ MAX !!
I wanted to buy the Ymaha DD-65 , but when I tried it , the double strokes sucked on it !!
and the sound wasn't satisfying at all !
So I need something similar , something that still can be useful in the future when I reach a high level ..
Thank you in advance : )
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