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Default Re: Ebony vs. Clear Heads

Originally Posted by MrLeadFoot View Post
Thanks for the feedback.

I would never think of using Pinstripes as reso heads, so hearing of your experience in that regard only confirms what I thought. Thanks for that, too. ;-)

To the contrary, drum shields are great. I actually can't stand the sound of ambient drums. There is so much dirty noise from that. A drum shield prevents all that noise from smacking people in the face. Mics enable you to push a cleaner sound out to your audience, as well as allow you to mix the drums just right. You do have to pay a little bit of extra attention to tuning the drums, positioning of the shield and the mics, too, as well as mixing with a drum shield, because the ambient sound from one drum can bounce off the shield into other mics. Nevertheless, drum shields are so nice that I wish I had a drum shield at all my secular gigs, too. I mean, you can carry them, but along with everything else a gigging band has to carry, not only would it be just one more thing to carry, they would also get all scratched up in relatively short order.
Oh okay. Most times shields are used to quiet the sound, which is why I thought that then micing them was counterproductive. All the churches in my area have them shieldless and unmiced.
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