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Default Re: Ebony vs. Clear Heads

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
I experimented with ebony pinstripes a long time ago, and just felt they were flat sounding.
Thanks for the feedback.
Putting them as reso heads was awful, and at one point I actually had some of the ebony material actually separating from the head.
I would never think of using Pinstripes as reso heads, so hearing of your experience in that regard only confirms what I thought. Thanks for that, too. ;-)

Just out of curiosity, why a drum shield then mic the drums? Isn't that a bit counterproductive? Is the church huge?
To the contrary, drum shields are great. I actually can't stand the sound of ambient drums. There is so much dirty noise from that. A drum shield prevents all that noise from smacking people in the face. Mics enable you to push a cleaner sound out to your audience, as well as allow you to mix the drums just right. You do have to pay a little bit of extra attention to tuning the drums, positioning of the shield and the mics, too, as well as mixing with a drum shield, because the ambient sound from one drum can bounce off the shield into other mics. Nevertheless, drum shields are so nice that I wish I had a drum shield at all my secular gigs, too. I mean, you can carry them, but along with everything else a gigging band has to carry, not only would it be just one more thing to carry, they would also get all scratched up in relatively short order.
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