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Default Re: Steel Snare Head?

Originally Posted by zarrdoss View Post
I love Aquarian Hi-energy and also Hi velocity it is available in black or white, they are my go to smare heads. As far as dampening goes I use a half to a full moongel because I like to vary the amount of ring sometimes and its easier than changing the head. But most of the time I don't use anything with these heads, they sound excellent by themselves.
What (in your experience) is the difference between the Hi-energy and Hi-velocity heads? I have a Hi-energy on another snare, and I love what it does to it.

I personally really like the "ringy" overtones of a steel snare, when paired with the right style of music. I mean, it's not a ton of ring, and when I really get moving through the kit, it actually kinda disappears...
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