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Default Steel Snare Head?

I just got a new Mapex BP Blade steel snare, and it's got a stock coated Remo Ambassador on it. It sounds great, and I love the sound, but I'm pretty sure I want to put a different head on it.

I'm not a basher, but I do hit pretty hard, and I want this drum to be loud with a good crack. I play a lot of hard rock/alternative, and I know I'm going to get bored with the CRA soon, so I'm looking for a little advice on a replacement down the road...

I've got an Aquarian Hi-Energy on another snare (maple-walnut), and I love the sound and durability that it gives. I was looking at the Aquarian Hi-Impact too, cuz I'd like to try out something thick (and it comes in black, which I think will look awesome on this snare).

I've also heard really good things about the Remo X...

Choices choices choices... Help?
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