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Default Re: hi-hat stand recommendations?

Originally Posted by evolving_machine View Post
Thank you all for the replies.

Because I travel so much it is hard for me to purchase something and return it if it is not easy.

If I was able to touch the used items, I would be able to see if it had any defects before I purchased it.

For years I used an old Slingerland stand, that when I took out the bottom screw, I was able to rotate the legs out of the way and mount the hi-hat on my left bass drum. It also had a very easy adjustment for the spring tension.

I know Yamaha and Gibraltar have been in business for years, I have just not seen them putting their best hi-hat foot foward. Again this could be those I saw on display with the sales representatives that had vacuum in the stock room and between their ears.

Thanks again for trying, I know you did try your best.
Guitar Center used gear is pretty easy to return if it doesn't meet your specs, you have 30 days.

I got a Pearl H-2000 hi hat for ~$120.00. Was perfectly fine. I've bought a lot of things through them, and had to return a couple. No issues.
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