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Default Re: Add on to DTXPRESS III Special???

Originally Posted by mixman98 View Post
Thanks Specialist. So I would plug the slplitter in to the 9/10 port plug the original #2 cymbal pad in and whatever pad I want to add into the other end of the splitter? One more question for you. I've seen some pretty large DtXpress III kits, how do they add all of the other pads on with the limited ports on the module? Do they add another module to their kit and link the two?

Yes plug the splitter into input 9/10 then plug in the original to the left input of the splitter. This will leave the right input of the splitter for the additional cymbal or drum pad. For the large DTXpress III kits users may be using 2 modules for the addition pads. Also they are probably daisy chaining the output of one module into the Aux input put of the other one.
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