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Default Re: feedback, thoughts and opinions

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
Define "normal use" when musicians are concerned or you might end up with some warranty claims. Jumping into it, for example. Will it burn? Does it melt under hot stage lights?
To define normal use:

"Normal" for say, Aerosmith during their toxic period. You can jump on it, hit it, smash through it, bash it with a baseball bat - it keeps on ticking. In theory it will burn, but you're looking at 500 degrees before that becomes a concern. When I say indestructible, I mean pretty much that. It can take all the drunken, stoned, angry, angst-ridden musicians - and audience members you can throw at it. "Normal" means I'm not going to pay for damage deliberately inflicted by inquisitive idiots ;)
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