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Default Re: Gretsch Hammered Antique Copper

I've had my eye on Gretsch for a while. And I tried about 7 different snares; 4 of them were Gretsch. One was a Matt Chamberlain aluminum snare (Yamaha?), really nice sound and projection. Another was a stainless steel beast, heavier than my pipe band snare (I forget the make) and boy it was loud (but had a pure sound). And one was by Taye, 6.5" deep wood snare- beautiful, sweet sound and a big range. After trying it out back and forth on a jazz kit against the copper Gretsch, it was a toss-up.

Looks were a big factor in my final decision- what it would look like with my Constantinople ride and near future Gretsch set.

And the image of Charlie smiling...

...Oh yeah- And I got it at my local store, Drum Shop of the North Shore, in Beverly, MA!
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