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Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
I'd be interested, there's been some discussion about shields for me, but keeping them clean and safe in transport, and the general poor effect a shield has on the sound of the drums closest to it (rack toms & kick) have prevented a move forward.

A workable alternative would be a good thing (we hit the road again July 1... hint hint!)

Clean is always an issue, but safe just isn't a factor with my design. Sure you can't push that tour back to August? (hint hint!)

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Mr. plastickman,

If you take Bermudas hint and lend him one, and it's a winner...I can't think of a better way to start some good buzz.
If only! I'm so close to production! Each unit will be handmade and come with an ironclad guarantee against casual damage. If someone can actually damage one of my units through normal use, I'll be astounded :0

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