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Nice post Nick!

BB has been a big influence since 1972 when I saw him with Yes on the Fragile tour. After that, I had tickets to see him with Genesis in 1976 but my car wasn’t working and I couldn’t make the trip. I was so disappointed! He did come to town though with UK, Bruford, Earthworks, Yes (again on the Union tour) and with Crimson. I took every opportunity to go see him.

I only had the pleasure of meeting him once when he visited a local record store the afternoon of the Earthworks (first group) concert. He and the lads were promoting the album and signing articles. He seemed to be a little uncomfortable with the whole thing but was very pleasant and gracious.

Bearing this event in mind, I passed up a chance for a one on one a few years later. He was with Yes on the Union tour and the morning after the concert, my wife and I saw him dining alone in the hotel restaurant where we were enjoying our breakfast. He looked serenely happy with his Sunday Times and a light breakfast. To me, he had given me everything I could reasonably expect at the performance the previous evening and my best payback to him would be not interrupting his peace and quiet.
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