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Default Re: Stick tip chipping advice

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Same issue here. I use nylon tips for live performance & rehearsals for that very reason, though I prefer wood tips on both drums & cymbals. I use wood tips for recording though.
I can see why. I'm not (yet) recording 'n' stuff, so I go for durability as well. Wood tips sound better (especially on my cymbals), but tend to split more easily. Therefore, I am also using nylon tips (Vater LA 5A's, for that matter) when jamming.

Oddly enough, on my practice pad (where 'tear and wear' assumedly matter less), I prefer Vic Firth American Classic 5A's (wood tips). In my hands (... memory, ... whatever) they 'feel' slightly better, especially at the back of the stick (i.e. the 'butt' as opposed to the 'tip').
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