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Default Re: My Alesis DM10 Seems To Have Fallen Apart In Less Than Four Months...

Since you got no replies yet, maybe you want to post the same question in which is the unofficial Alesis forum.

I have heard about the rubber rims problem before:
quote "I do think the rubber on the rims is way too soft. Because of this, if you are a heavy hitter, they are not going to last long. Mine were starting to spilt after a couple hours of heavy use."

As you're breaking kick pads and a cymbal too, I suspect you may be a heavy hitter :) But even if you are I think you may expect a kick pad to last longer than 2 days.

What is your batter like? Does Alesis recommend any specific batter for the pad? If your batter is not the problem, next time the pad breaks ask them to upgrade it to something more sophisticated (I don't know if they have anything) and pay the balance.

You could also try turning up the volume, maybe it makes you hit more softly.

Last advice would be get a Roland or a Yamaha as we told you from the beginning! (sorry, couldn't resist :))
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