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Default Re: My Sonor Essential Force doublebass setup

Thank you! :) Here are a couple more pictures taken this weekend at an outdoor gig. Sadly the night turned out very rainy at the end, and I struggled to keep the drums dry. I don't think they got any damage though, I made sure to dry them up good before putting them back in the bags... But always a bit sad to see the drums get water on them :(

Got some new Sonor reso heads for the bassdrums by the way, as you can see the logo is smaller. I had an accident with one of the heads when I was moving them, and it got a big rift in it. I tried getting the same head as the old one, but they didn't have them in stock, instead they got these that are original Remo, made in the U.S. heads (opposed to the other ones that was made in China).
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