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Default One or two favorite sticks?

I just got an order of a Promark SD9 maple wood tip and a Vater Sugar Maple blazer. I also own a few other sticks including 5A and B. I bought these sticks mainly to try my first maples and to try to find my own personal favorite stick that I like the best. I like the feel of the Promark but the blazer feels heavier than I imagined. Although this is just one downside, the blazer feels good in all other aspects. I then thought to myself "Maybe I don't need just one pair of sticks that I like, maybe I can have several pairs to play with according to what music I'm playing." Now I want to ask you what you think of that. Should you have one main stick to resort to or should you have several varieties of sticks to play with? One brand, or a few?
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