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Originally Posted by mikei
What a shame. Somehow though, the fans still love them. I just don't get it.
It's interesting you said "What a shame", because this is exactly what I think of when I think about Metallica. I look at pictures of Master of Puppets and the entire band in their youth; they seemed so much happier. I actually feel depressed when I think of what Metallica has become.

Now onto the setup issue: Lars may have changed his setup for 2 reasons.

A) After the band played the song "And Justice for All", they got off stage very tired from the length of the song. James immediately said "We're never playing that $*@%ing song again!" Lars also doesn't play the rolls on the toms when he plays "One" live (the decrescendos towards the end which were recorded for the album).

B) Metallica's newer material (post - Black Album) barely even uses the toms or double bass. Lars may have thought he would never need the two "extra" toms again.

Either way - I'm still pissed. The old set was so cool!

- Marc
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