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alrite, i dont wanna get off subject here, but i cant not say something. Having good chops isnt about who is faster, but how fills are applied to the song. Sure people can play faster than Bonham, but IMO no one has touched Bonham in applying amazing fills to every song he plays. Sure someone can listen to Moby Dick and figure out how to play it, but it was him who created it in his mind and layed it down on the record. Lots of artists can paint Starry Night, or the Mona Lisa, but the fact is, is that Da Vinci and Van Gogh are the ones who created them originally, thats why their famous. It sounds like you guys are putting down bonham because his speed can be duplicated. The same goes with Hendrix. Please find me a guitarist that has surpassed him in creating amazing riffs and solos, come on man.
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