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Default Ludwig Rocker Pedal

Hi all,
First time poster here from New Zealand. After an extended break from drumming of around 20 years, I spontaneously recently purchased an early 80s silver Ludwig Rocker kit off a local auction site for the equivalent of $USD 160.00 which needs quite a bit of restoration work but which I hope to use to get back into playing again. Also managed to pick up a lovely early 80's 6 1/2" Tama King Beat snare for the equivalent of USD$ 50 which I thought was a good buy. I've missed it hugely. Anyway, this old Ludwig pedal came with the kit (see photos) which definitely needs some work. It's all there except the sliding clamp that secures it to the bass drum hoop. I'm not sure if spares are still available for this model pedal or if I could get the piece made up by an engineering shop but I would be interested in your opinion as to whether this is a good pedal and worth restoring. Thanks
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