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Default Obscure drum head measurements

OK, so about a year ago I purchased a 5 piece pearl forum drum set, which came with a 14 in hat, 16 in crash, and 20 in ride. I now (for the first time) am going to buy new drum heads. The problem is, I don't now for sure what sizes I need. I have been told to measure head size, you measure from outer shell to outer shell on the opposite side, but whenever I do this I come up with obscure measurements.I researched the set I THINK I purchased, and the sizes for the toms were 12, 13 and 16. The shells are far too small to match this, and none are even numbers I.e. 14 3\8 ect.

Soooo, what size do I get? I'm sure I'm making some foolish mistake, but this has been a very frustrating 2 hours of measuring and research.
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