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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Hey Guys
just thought you'd like to see the latest conversion I had to do. An 18"x16" Signia Marquis Floor Tom to a Bass Drum with the Custom Logo Head.
I am currently working on a couple other conversions for clients such as 14"x12" & 16"x14" Signia Rack Toms to Floor Toms.
I am so thrilled to see so many of you out there with your awesome Premier kits so let's keep this going strong.
One thing to remember, Premier is back here in the US & the kits are amazing. So if anyone needs a New kit or parts for your current kit please contact me.
I do have to tell you that as of June 26th I will be out of action for a couple weeks after surgery so if it's critical then please get a hold of me this week!!! or you may have to wait a bit.
Premier is still the best out there!!
Cheers to all.
Peter - aka Dancincrow
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