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Default Re: High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

Wow. Never thought I'd see this thread again. As good as forgotten I'd started it.

Update for anyone who cares. I bought a Pearl H900 shortly after starting this thread purely because I decided it had everything I'd ever need and the price was right. However not long after that, I also walked into a killer deal on a barely used H2000 that I just had to buy in order to satisfy my own curiosity. Suffice it to say, the 900 now does all the heavy lifting and the 2000 sits in darkness under the stairs gathering cobwebs and dust. Despite playing around endlessly with cams and whatnot, I just never managed to get the response from the footboard I was looking always felt a little sluggish and delayed. As "feel" pretty much dictates any set up I use on a drum kit, the far more expensive model got bumped for something lighter and simpler, yet far more effective for me.

So 3 years after starting this......and speaking completely personally, I'm calling least on the H2000.
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