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Default Re: hi-hat stand recommendations?

I just set the limit on the hi-hat stand to about $100.00. I keep some inexpensive equipment in my trunk so that I can take it to studios or places where there is already a drum kit.

At home and on gigs, I use an iron cobra lever glide. I like the lever glide because it has two legs. It is not really that unstable for a two legged stand because that have that small foot that comes out from the base. The stand has the adjustable spring tension that I need. But, the Iron cobra is about $200.00 on a good day, and sometimes much more than that. It is a sturdy, strong, and heavy hi-hat stand.

I appreciate all the posts that everyone has made to this thread, I was trying to find a hi-hat stand that would be less expensive than the iron cobra I use on my "A" kit.
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