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Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
My beef with the shock jocks isn't that they exist, but rather with the fact that they're popular. I just think it's an indictment of our society that we gravitate towards the histrionics and have so little interest in intellectually honest dialogue and debate. It's all about style points and having something clever or cutting to say with a lot of bravado. Not much value placed on whether the ideas behind it actually make sense or not. Kinda depressing.
Perfectly put, 8.

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
Someone please explain why I'm listening to Jean-Michel Jarre.

This is my 86th post in this thread. Crikey.
Funny thing. In real life we wouldn't think twice about how often we contributed to a conversation ... right? ;)

Originally Posted by toddmc View Post
Can't we get rid of Kyle-bloody-Sandilands while we're at it??
Add Alan Jones and Ray Hadley as a package deal!
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