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Default Re: Multiple small port holes for bd instead of one that's bigger?

The bass drum measures 22" x 13", so that may also play a part in it, maybe in a deeper bass drum it would take longer for the air to travel to the front head and back, meaning that by the time it comes back to the batter head the pressure is not as powerful?

The shell is made of acrylic, and the hard plastic probably works against me on this one. Maybe a wooden bass drum would absorb the sound a bit more, I guess..

Not burying the beater isn't really an option. I tried that for a while but never got comfortable with it, it just doesn't suit the way my legs work.
I have a DW5000 pedal with the plastic/felt beater (I use the felt side)

Besides, I did some A-B tests and found that for me, with the style I use to play, I actually prefer the sound that comes when you bury the beater. It's more of a snappy, controlled attack sound. Now I just need to combine that thud to getting the right kind of low end out of the reso head.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into those DW reso heads also
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