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oddtime74 - Yes, i was really lucky to get it. It's a great Rock set with a loud and bassy sound. I use clear Evans dampening rings on all my drums except the 8''. I'm hoping to get good enough at tuning to leave the dampeners and keep more of the sound of the set. If you haven't heard any of my music yet i play a Rock style, but in most of our recent unrecorded songs we have calmed and found happy mediums in several sub genres. And the set pulls its weight finely. My band and I enjoy the sound of this set more than my 2 previous drum sets.
Very interesting. I couldn't find anything about them being in oak on the internet so maybe I'll send an e-mail to PDP/DW and ask about it. That's cool if they really are oak. I'm not not sure how thick those X7 oak shells are but I agree in general. This X7 maple set that I have just blows me away every time I sit behind it. They made the right choice to not follow suit with the rest of the companies and make the "normal" 7.2mm thick shells or greater for the bass drum. I believe the numbers I got in an e-mail from them was 4.3 or 4.6mm shells. Just an awesome sound from them all around! Just an incredible deal for what you get and I'm sure the Concepts are no different! And yes I'll have to give your band a listen.

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