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Originally Posted by DongFangXu View Post
Bill did also an amazing job playing on tour with Genesis in 1976. Iīve got two brilliant recordings of entire shows from that period - Pittsburg and Cleveland - and I just canīt get enough listening to them. I also love his version of the famous 3/4 solo called The Drum Also Waltzes. Overally I have my favorites in every project he did. He is my drum teacher - but he doesnīt know it. :-)
I'll second that. A wonderfully innovative drummer. I was very influenced by Phil Collins, and wrote to him at the time of Genesis's The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway album. To my amazement he replied and told me that Bill Bruford was one of his influences, which got me to listen to him much more. He excels in all aspects of drumming.
  • There's a drum break on one of the tracks on One of a Kind that is just staggering (unfortunately I've forgotten which track and I no longer have the album. It may have been Fainting in Coils (I can't get a link to this, as they've all been blocked!). The phrasing is unlike anything I've ever heard. Explosive, stuttering, polyrhythmic and perfectly in tune with the music.
  • Then there's Thirty Years on the first UK album Thirty Years the bit I'm talking about is 04'02" into the song. I have a book of his, If In Doubt, Roll! where this part is scored. At no point does he play any two drums and/or cymbals simultaneously. It looks and sounds really simple to play, yet is incredibly difficult. On top of that, he continually shifts the emphasis, creating an incredibly complex part that hardly seems to repeat at all, but weaves in and out while never losing the groove. He excelled at the deceptively simple.
  • And then there's his version of the Max Roach solo The Drum Also Waltzes on the Flags album (Bill Bruford and Patrick Moraz) that is mentioned above. Incidentally, this is also scored in If In Doubt, Roll!. This is such a beautiful and beautifully recorded solo, as perfectly tuned and recorded as I've ever heard. It is musical, lyrical, technically brilliant - but never for its own sake -, dynamic and wonderfully paced, and compares well with the original. That's no mean feat. Max Roach is one of the true masters and another of my favourite drummers (as I believe he is Bill's too).
I have been lucky enough to see him four times with Bruford, three times with King Crimson (the last time with the double trio line-up), once with Earthworks (the original line-up) and finally, on the launch of his auto-biography. I particularly remember a track from the second Earthworks album, which sounds like it has a keyboard intro, but it's Bill using his Simmons X to play the melody line as well as the beat. And the interplay between him and Pat Mastelotto is amazing. He is also an extremely modest and approachable man. His auto-biography and the talk he gave were entertaining, informative and thought provoking. Never mind the wild parties, there are plenty of amusing and hair raising stories in his auto-biography. It's also very well written, so I'd recommend this to anyone who's a fan, or anyone with an interest in any of the bands he's played in.

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