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Thank you for your kind words. I'm just checking out all the links here. Wow! This is what I mean about the indefinable, incomparable aspects of drumming: he was so musical, not just a great technician, but a truly innovative and imaginative player. He had it all. In the drum battle I put links up to, he just swings more than all the others, and I really rate Art Blakey and Elvin Jones. It's that indefinable quality that makes you tap your feet, and that's much harder to do in a solo than when you're playing with a rhythm section, at least for me, and I've been told that I've got pretty good "feel". He didn't just put the bar high for jazz drummers, but for all drummers, and I agree with you, as a soloist, there's no one like him.
BTW There's an amusing story in Bill Bruford's auto-biography about the time Max Roach came to see King Crimson!
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