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One of my favourite drummers of all time. A true master of the instrument. Personally, I find many drum solos lack musicality, and are of little interest to anyone but drummers or drum fans. Max Roach was one of the exceptions, his solos were melodic as well as rhythmic; he made the drums sing. There's a wonderful drum battle on YouTube: Max Roach, Art Blakey and Elvin Jones. There's great playing all round, but, for me at least, Max takes the crown. If you're interested, you can see the clip here (it's in three parts, hence the three links):
  1. Drum Battle Part 1A (Elvin Jones)
  2. Drum Battle Part 1B (Max Roach)
  3. Drum Battle Part 1C (Max Roach/Art Blakey)
I am more of a rock drummer, but I listen to a lot of jazz. One of my other favourite drummers is Bill Bruford and his version of The Drum Also Waltzes is pretty damn good (The Drum Also Waltzes from the album Flags by Bill Bruford and Patrick Moraz). He uses just one piece of electronics: instead of a hi-hat he uses a Simmons bass drum with a clave sound. The rest of the kit is beautifully tuned and recorded; as near perfect as I've ever heard! I'd be interested to hear whether Max Roach fans rate this as much as I do. Please don't think that I want to get into any arguments about who's a better drummer. I emphatically do not. I find them pointless. There are many drummers I admire for different reasons, but I never compare them. I have my favourites and that's a matter of taste, and everyone's entitled to their own taste. In fact, I tend to object to people who say that something is rubbish (though I've been guilty of this myself), when what they mean is that they think it's rubbish. You could probably argue that some music is objectively rubbish, but I've seen too many "why are you listening to this rubbish" comments on YouTube. No one's forcing anyone to listen to anything, so I don't see why these people bother. There are so many aspects to what makes a good drummer that it is nigh on impossible to compare them, especially since many of them are largely subjective.
Sorry, I seem to have gone on a bit. I rarely get to talk about drums as I think it's a subject that bores most of my friends. It's one of the reasons I joined this forum: to give me an opportunity to talk about something I'm passionate about with like-minded people. I hope I haven't bored or offended anyone here.
BTW, I have to say that I'm surprised there aren't more contributions here. Maybe Max has just left everyone speechless?
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