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Default Multiple small port holes for bd instead of one that's bigger?

Anybody have any experience with using multiple smaller port holes around the head instead of the usual 4" hole?

I just put on a new ambassador for the reso head and it sounds great. The problem is that I like to bury the beater and the beater bounces on the batter head with the unported head. Only slightly, but enough to produce a kind of a "double-kick"

I have a 22" Ludwig Vistalite bass drum, and I have taken the tom mount thingy out so some of the air comes out through there, but it's just not enough. It's muffled on the inside, which also helps with the bouncing.

I'd like to keep the head as resonant as possible, yet get the air moving out enough so that my beater doesn't bounce. Somehow I'd think that many smaller holes divided across the head would let the head resonate more, am I right?

This was the only photo I found, but I was thinking of perhaps going even smaller

Pros / cons ?
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