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Default Re: Promark vs Vater vs Vic Firth

Originally Posted by Winston_Wolf View Post
Or a quarter inch in length or angle of the taper too.

I went through a massive stick buying phase a few years back looking for the right stick for me and I tried several brands and a lot of different models before really dialing in what I'm wanting in a stick. But even after sticking to the SD9 I've found that each company's version feels a lot different.
I think this is what I am experiencing in the 5A's. I got a pair that seems just a little thicker and just a little heavier, and it felt better in my hand, And we're only talking 0.015 hundreths, I've tried some Vaters recently too. Maybe I just bought the wrong size or something. I just didn't take to them as much as I'd hoped for. First world problems...gotta love 'em.

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
It's funny, too, how quickly I get used to a new stick, though! Have you noticed that?

I can try a new stick, and it might feel quite different for a while, and I really notice those hundredths or change in bead shape or taper. Before too long, though, everything just feels like a stick, lol! That's not to say I don't have preferences, and it's fun to change things up once in a while, but in the long run, a stick is a stick.
Yes, but now when I go back to the VF 5A, it just doesn't feel as comfortable and it's distracting at first, but like you say, eventually I get used to it and I don't notice it. I don't like to think too much about stuff like that when I'm playing.

When I first started playing I used tree trunk DC-10's (ha ha), then went to 5B for a long time. I turned to the 5A when I needed a faster stick at the time playing punk music. But now, I'm a little better and I have my drumming muscles built up, I'm liking the added weight and slight amount of change in thickness. Maybe I'll even try the 3A, the Peter Erskine sig, the Charlie Watts sig, or even, dare I say, the Aaron Spears sig models. They all seem to be right up my alley. Of course my preferences can change from day to day, so there's always That too.
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