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Default Re: Fast Double Bass Pedal?

I've owned axis and yes they are definitely fast, but I had problems with mine--the screws would come loose very easily. They aren't very hard hitting either, so it's really a pedal for designed for triggers. If you are a hard hitter and prefer the acoustic bass drum, then go with something a little heavier like the pearl demon drive or tama speed cobra or dw. However all that being said, like buddy said Trick is the fastest and pretty fuckin hard hitting. That's what I'm intending to buy for my next purchase, however you'll pay up the ass for it.

Also just my personal preference but I think that two individual singles are better than a double. With a double the left has a bit more work to do in terms of the mechanics, so the connector slows it down a bit. it works for most people and they prefer the ease of having one kick drum for ease of transportation, however if you try out two kicks it's pretty sick. Not to mention it makes your set look beastly.

One thing that Axis has going for it is the ekit... I think this is a superior form of triggering as it doesn't rely on vibration to set it off. Vibrations from your toms or snare can set it off or misfire and you can look like a real amateur on stage. However many pros use the ddrum triggers and it works great for them, I've only used roland.
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