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Default Re: Quick Torque Cam & Speed Cobra

Looking at pics of the SC speedo ring thing, you'd take that whole piece off--looks like by the black allen head screw.
You put a spacer that is included (3 thicknesses) on the shaft that the Connector/Speedo ring went on, to get the QTC and spring lined up straight, then you tighten it down.

There are a couple adjustments you can make on the QTC too, which "open it up" more (or less), depending on the feel you like by playing around with it.

This cam makes everything work more efficiently on the pedal.

That Cobra Coil thing I thought was kinda gimmic-y, but it's actually pretty cool.

There is a list of the few pedals the QTC won't work with on the Eccentric site, so look it up just in case.

The link CreeplyTuna has is a good one on the cam.

I went by what I experienced on pedals I DON'T like, and the QTC made them feel good to me, so I took a shot and am happy I did.
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