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Default Re: Promark vs Vater vs Vic Firth

I picked up some no name off brand stick from Boneyard Drums just because it said Boneyard on it. I asked him for 5A size. The sticks he gave seem a little thicker and a little heavier than the 5A Extreme from Vf, which I switched to after using Promark 747's for many years. I noticed how much better they felt and how much better I played with the no-name sticks, so I think I'm going to try some 55A's now or just get a bunch of those no-name sticks. But I want a stick I can get at any store so I'm gonna get some 55's. I'm pretty sure 5B's are a little bit too thick. Funny how a hundreth or two of an inch can make such a big difference.
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