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Default Re: Unwrapped Ludwig Rockers!

Thanks for all the kind words guys! :)

I wondered why they were wrapped too, since I think the wood looks pretty good. I guess that speaks for Ludwig's standards that "pretty good" isn't good enough for their Super Classic shells. There are some tiny knots and blemishes that probably kept these particular shells out of the running, and of course with the paint on the inside there's no telling what kind of flaws they covered up there.

Of course, you can't rule out total dumb luck either, but I have a feeling that more Rockers look like my drums under the wrap and there are some great looking shells lurking under the plastic.

I think the USA-made Rockers are a real sleeper hit for anyone wanting Ludwig and just can't spend the money on a pro-level kit. The hardware is really the biggest shortcoming, and buying a "fixer upper" isn't everyone's goal, but I know that sound-wise these drums can hang with anything out there and with a little care they can look good too.
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