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Default Re: To rack or not to rack..

There are pros and cons with rack usage. I have both and tend to use the rack more as most of the venues we play are very limited in terms of set up space- my kit takes substancially less space up on the rack and everything is exactly where I wnat it due to the memory locks. I have 3 rack toms (undrilled BD), 3 crashes, one ride, 1 splash and one china cymbal and a small electric fan for cooling on a 2 sided pearl rack. If I am using less of the kit, as a 1 up 1or 2 down as I do occassionally, then I leave out the effects cymbals and use 3 stands and a boom arm. I don't find any substancial difference in the time for set up and with the rack the hardware is split between 2 bags, where as with the stands it's all in the one big hardware case. In reality, I can cope with either, but on balance, the rack takes it for me. If I had another way of mounting the toms however....
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