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Default Re: Amazing tone difference with X-10 sticks

I'm not familiar with these sticks. I used to have a pair of graphite, nylon tipped sticks, I can't remember the name, but I never liked them. I used to have a primitive drum synth that was mounted on a cymbal arm, and triggering it by hitting the cymbal arm made quick work out of wooden sticks, but this is the only reason I ever used graphite sticks. I didn't like their feel or sound. I've always preferred the sound of wooden tips, especially on cymbals.
One thing to bear in mind is that tip design makes a large difference to cymbal sound, and combined with neck design, to bounce response too.I personally prefer hickory sticks. Though not quite as hard wearing as Japanese oak, I think they have a better sound, and on cymbals, better feel too. They're considerably tougher than maple and their comparative longevity makes them well worth the difference in price. I favour Vic Firth, or Pro-Mark and have a variety of sticks for different circumstances. I do have a pair of Pro-Mark 5C Japanese oak sticks and I've not had any chipped tips with these. I have found that it's the one thing that will eventually go with hickory sticks, as compared to non-wooden or nylon tipped sticks. I do use both nylon tipped versions of my favourite stick (Vic Firth Steve Gadd) and the Japanese oak sticks on my electronic kit, where sound isn't a consideration, just feel.
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