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I think cymbals are a matter of taste, I've always preferred Zildjian to any other make. I've got an old pair of 14" Quick Beat hi-hats that I've had since 1979. These are fantastic hi-hats: crisp, clear, sharp, bright with fantastic blend. Good cymbals tend to improve with age; the metal undergoes structural changes as they get played, and maybe that is what you pay for. That and a certain depth (it's why I prefer Zildjian A Series). At least part of the reason expensive cymbals are better, is the experience of the company and its staff. There's an art to making good cymbals.
As for pedals, I'd say the choice here is less subjective. Again, personally, I got a Tama Iron Cobra (I also got the double bass pedal) about five years ago. This is a really solid, well designed, well built hi-hat pedal, high quality, good control and worth the money.
Hope that helps.
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