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Default To rack or not to rack..

Hello fellow drummers! I currently need some input on whether or not to rack. (Or should I say, keep my rack.)

I currently have a Pearl Masters BSX kit with 10,12,14,16 toms. The 10 and 12 are mounted and the 14 and 16 have legs. I also have a curved Gibraltar rack that I bought for my old kit, and I don't know if I should use it or switch to stands. I'd only be mounting my 10 and 12 toms, and I'd put two crashes and a couple splashes, and I'd put my ride and china and on separate boom stands. (I have wings for my rack but I don't think I'd want to use them if I kept the rack..)

I used to have a Tama Starclassic kit that I had mounted my toms on stands (I had three toms to mount), and to be honest, it was the biggest pain in the a$$ ever and I never really got the setup I wanted and I honestly hated it. I then bought the rack and it solved all of my problems. I just don't know.. Just don't know if the two toms and a few crashes/accessory cymbals are worth keeping the rack.

Any input/opinions?


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