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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

I've had these for about 3 weeks,Select Force in dark forest burst, 10x6.5,12x7,14x12,16x15,22x20,14x6.5, and an 8" on order.. all resos are stock, clear emps on all toms batter and empx on snare,recently added a double chain double kick got a great deal off CL near new $120,really love the quality and sound of this kit, all bearing edges awesome smooth/sharp, drum hardware is beautiful/chrome is top notch, really like the TAR mounts- my last kits had rims style the drums bounced and I could here the tom knocking on the mount at times,I had to remove the drum to change heads, when tuning the mounted toms they seemed to impede tuning under the mount as well [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]

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