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Default Re: Quick Torque Cam & Speed Cobra

The IC pedal they had at the show I think was the Rolling Glide. The big clunky one (well...the Flexi is the only IC pedal I think feels good, but people like different things).

That IC pedal, and the Yamaha (I think direct drive, has the new ugly silver foot board) without the cam BOTH felt like peanut butter. "Workable", but not what I would call fluid at all.
Singles were OK, doubles took effort to get clean, forget multiples.
--They were just set normal, not made to feel bad (you could play around & adjust all you liked).

WITH the QTC, they both felt quite good, a BIG difference between what they are without the cam.

The Pearl Demon Drive felt VERY good with the cam, and the clunky DW5000 did too.

I have 2 other Eliminators, and I always bring a back up on gigs, so I am getting at least one more QTC for my back up pedal.
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