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Default Re: Post your Gig Pics

Thanks! I've been using a 5x14 snare in floor tom position (with throwoff, snares etc removed from the drum) and a micro-timbale snare in the rack tom position (also with snare mechanism removed) for the past couple of years with small groups and love the character
of the sound, especially the usefulness of the micro-timbale which I have tuned to act as
a tom (when played between the lugs, near the rim) yet still provide a timbale crack for latin
tunes. I prefer this sound for the gigs I get. The sound off the bricks was great. We played at a whisper with very quiet brushes and all was balanced and heard. When the piano was played
harder I didn't have to slack off with the sticks at all...we dug in..FUN!

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