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Default Re: Most durable audio cables (headphone extension)

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
This is probably the most boring gear recommendation request imaginable, but can someone recommend me a good, durable stereo male-to-female 1/4" jack lead? I need one to plug my in-ears into that's going to last without the connections going, maybe one of those curly ones or something.
In this case, it's not the wire that is the problem, it's your connections. 1/4" connections will always go bad on you on a day you absolutely need it, so I would recommend making your own and using better connectors. For my gig, my trusty technicians have modified the connection for my Shure SE315 in ear monitors to mini-XLR. Once put together, they lock together, but are less than half the size of a regular-sized XLR connector. I suggest learning how to wire this up and just changing out your connectors.
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