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Default Which electronic drum kit for a beginner?

I'm am about to start learning how to play the drums I have only played maybe 2 or 3 hours worth in my life but found it fun and I wasn't all that bad. I now have a job and can afford to purchase a electronic set as where I live an acustic set just wouldn't work. I have done alot of searching and can't really find what info I needed and I'm hoping you guys with some experience could help. Which kit should I buy that will be the best bang for my buck the Alexis dm6 pro kit or dm8 USB kit or the yamaha dtx 500k. I really like the Alesis for it has more options dual zone snare 2 and 3 zone cymbals depending on the model I might chose for the price yet the yamaha should have alot better module best I can tell. And would allow me although very expensive to upgrade it as I learn. And I'm just completely lost as to which kit to purchase.
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